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Have a fantastically trimmed body with celebrity guidelines

 A fantastically toned and trimmed body is much in trend and quite sought after today. But people hardly find time to go to the gymnasiums or hire physical fitness instructors, given their grueling work schedule. Yet the importance of great health and a good physical condition can never be denied. So take a look by logging onto this website about the attractive and healthy workouts which can be done by you to get great positive results. You get top notch physical fitness tips from the renowned celebrities. So let us take a look at some of the exercises and physical workouts to keep yourself in shape.

Workout Plan

Dave Batista has been the World Heavyweight Champion as many as four times and he was a renowned body builder as well. Given below is the Batista workout routine or fitness plan which consists of three parts.

Batista Workout Routine

The first day of Batista’s workout routine consists of many rigorous exercises some of which includes calf raises while standing three to four times, calf lifts while seated two to three to  times, lying, standing and sitting leg curls all a different number of times and the works. Each of these exercises is repeated as many as ten to fifteen times. For availing of Batista’s diet program, you need to have a food intake of high protein content and low fat dishes.

Adrian Peterson’s workout plan strategies

The former football player of America has devised the following fitness tactics which are given here. You should strive to keep the flawless weight than trying to become even heavier. You need to wear a weight vest for running and conditioning to keep yourself fit. Foam rollers should be used for stretching, before and after each and every workout. Even after the practice is over, continue as long as the body strength permits. The last step here is to use a cool tub to cool off your muscles after a rigorous workout.

Workout Plan

Diet for Adrian Peterson workout plan

The diet charts for Adrian Peterson workout plan are given below. For breakfast the meal chart includes four pieces of egg whites, bacon and pancakes that are wholegrain. Now before and after every strenuous workout, you can have Cytosport’s muscle milk drink, if you are following these diet plans. For lunch, the diet menu would include chicken that is baked with vegetables like green carrots or beans along with rice or pasta. The dinner includes chicken breast that is grilled, rice or pasta and vegetables.


These are some of the brief advantages and useful inputs which you can find out by logging onto the website of celebrity workout. Basically speaking, we tend to emulate our favorite celebrities and particularly when we hear of effective exercise regimes and diet plans from them, it is a must for us to follow them to a tee, in order to shed weight and keep ourselves in a tip top shape physically.  There are lots of easy to see but hard to do exercises which you will find here on this website and which will shape your body to a fit form in no time at all. Take a look in a brief overview at some of the other works and exercises.

Scorpion exercise

In this form of exercise, you have to stand up in a straight position and move downwards, with your upper body towards the ground. Your hands need to be stretched out and placed in front of you. The upper part of the body is in inclination in one direction and the legs are in another direction. When you are in this position, your body is going to look like an inverted V, as laughable as it may sound. Now the left leg has to be raised into the air so that the left knee is shown pointing in the backward directions and the left foot would be pointing in the upwards direction.

Now without changing your position, you need to move in the front by hopping on your right leg. Now move your hands forward again and once more hop on your right leg. Continue this act for about thirty seconds and then do it from the opposite ends.


Thus, these are some of the best knowledge inputs about the kind of health workouts which need to be made known to the users. You can easily avail of these exercise tips and diet plans to avoid getting extra weight and sporting the perfect body at one goes.